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Earth Day Festival.

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It's the day we've all waited for! For Friday's Earth Week event, GCAP partnered with all the other branches of ASUCR to put together one of the largest and most anticipated Spring Quarter events of the year here at UCR: The Earth Day Festival! This event included an accumulation of fun activity booths, live entertainment, interactive games, healthy food, prize giveaways, and more to celebrate our environment and our ultimate initiative to raise awareness for sustainable movements and preserve Earth's natural resources for future generations. The 2024 Earth Day Festival had a record-breaking attendance of UCR students out of any other GCAP event. It marked an exciting future of growth and opportunity for us to continue making a more positive climate impact on campus and within the Riverside community. 

Our GCAP team was incredibly proud to have spent an entire year planning and organizing diverse events as a love letter to the planet. We hope that our past sustainable work inspires more students to act and builds enthusiasm for future Earth Week plans that we have in store. 

- With love, the 2024 GCAP Team.

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Build-Your-Own-Bouquet was our most popular and beloved booth at the entire Earth Day Festival, with a line that stretched across the entire lawn and never slowed down once for hours! Students got to select from a wide variety of gorgeous, vibrant flowers and bundles of filler that were wrapped with recycled newspaper and a ribbon. Many had fun creating unique combinations of flora that reflected their personality, interests, and other distinct symbolism. Attendees continued to make and receive bouquets until all that was left were scraps of leaves and petals that were promptly composted, returning back to the Earth they came from.

Smoothie Bike Station.


The Smoothie Bike was another popular and beloved booth at the GCAP Earth Day Festival, with a long line of students eager to ride one for the first time! Students got to select from a wide variety of delicious fruit combinations, as well as milk and ice, to make a smoothie flavor of their choosing. After picking their choice of ingredients, all they had to do next was climb onto a smoothie bike provided by Wheely Good Smoothies and pedal the device to power the blender filled with fruits until it formed a drink! This activity booth helped demonstrate healthy eating in a fun way and provided cool and refreshing smoothies for students on a hot day.

Tote Bag Painting Station.


The Tote Bag Painting station was a fun, creative, and expressive booth at the GCAP Earth Day Festival that had a nonstop stream of students eager to paint their own GCAP tote bag! Students got to build their paint palettes by choosing and mixing unlimited colors from tubes of acrylic paint, then relax and unwind during the festival while having snacks and enjoying our scenic campus. Many made impressive and unique visions for each tote bag design and put much effort everyone put into their creations. These customized GCAP tote bags will help inspire students to use them as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags with better longevity and quality, while building a special emotional attachment to their art.

Free Vegan Food & Watermelon Eating Contest.


Delicious vegan food and a fun contest for students to participate! At this year's GCAP Earth Week Festival, our committee provided free vegan margherita pizza from University Pizza Co. (UPC), as well as free vegan crunch rolls and spicy tuna sushi from Jade's Vegan Sushi. After visiting and receiving stamps on their Earth Week Festival Passport from all 6 of our tabling organizations, students were able to enjoy their choice of vegan food! 

Next up, GCAP hosted a collaborative event during the Earth Week Festival with UCR's Gardening Club: a watermelon eating contest! All students were invited to participate by eating a giant slice of watermelon as quickly as possible until all the red was completely gone from the rind! The first person to finish their slice won a  watermelon plushie as the grand prize, courtesy of the UCR Gardening Club.