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why do we hold events?

Green Campus Action Plan frequently calls guest speakers, holds panels, and provides open forums for all members of the UCR community to participate and engage in. We highly encourage any staff, faculty, and students to attend our events and learn more about sustainability, climate justice, and environmental health. 

Coming Up

Coming up during Winter Quarter Weeks 4-6, GCAP is collecting clothing donations from students for its quarterly Thrift Swap event to help promote the appeal of thrifting secondhand clothing! Thrifting is an alternative to buying from the fast fashion model that increases overwhelming clothing/textile waste in landfills and pollutes the air through incineration. By teaching students about the sustainability of secondhand fashion and providing an easy and accessible opportunity to thrift shop on campus, we hope this will improve their desire to dress and express themselves in a way that doesn't harm the environment! Our Thrift Swap event will be held on Wednesday, February 14th in Bears Den from 3-5 PM.

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