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Green Panel.

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For Tuesday's Earth Week event, GCAP continued the tradition of hosting a Green Panel and inviting a panel of various guest speakers to come and discuss sustainability-based topics with students. This year, our speakers included: 

  • Diandra Marizet (Environmental justice leader, published writer, poet, and activist.)

  • Kevin J Patel (Intersectional climate justice activist and political science student at LMU.)

  • Samuel Rubin (Social impact producer and climate activist within entertainment and culture.)

  • Delilah Isabel (Content creator, ESG consultant, and climate activist.)

To help entice students to learn about how they can incorporate sustainable ideas and practices into their own lives, our GCAP committee provided free vegan donuts from Urban Dripp Donuts, a local business with incredibly delicious donuts! Students chose from three delicious flavors (Matcha Orange Blossom, Berries & Cream, and Chocolate Sprinkle) and one lucky student attendee received a free 10th Generation iPad from a raffle at the end of the event.

Event FEED 

Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Tuesday's Green Panel event!


Bee Awareness.

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For Tuesday's Earth Week event, GCAP partnered with Barbara and Boris Baer, the founders of CIBER, to give an educational presentation for UCR students on the environmental importance of bees as pollinators and producers. As a professional in her field, Barbara shared valuable knowledge with curious minds about the wide variety of bee species, their behavioral patterns and lifestyles, and tips for rescuing declining bee populations.

Our GCAP committee worked hard to accommodate the presenters for the Bee Awareness event by showcasing live bees under the most pristine care and conditions. Student attendees also had the incredible opportunity to try raw, natural honey straight from the comb and observe a 'bee hotel' structure up close. We also gave out free stickers plus bee saver keychains and raffled off a free paper shoot camera and e-shop gift card to several lucky attendants at random, as part of our thanks for all students who attended and committed to saving the bees.

Event FEED 

Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Tuesday's Bee Awareness event!

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