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Bee Awareness.

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For Monday's Earth Week event, GCAP brought back the tradition of partnering with UCR's CIBER (Center for Integrative Bee Research) department to host an educational discussion and interactive seminar on bee conservation. Professor and research specialist Barbara Baer, of Baer Lab, led GCAP's Bee awareness event as a special guest speaker to educate students about the importance of honeybees to our ecosystem and planet, sustainable beekeeping, and conservation tools and methods.

To help student attendees continue the tradition of our Bee Awareness event, our GCAP committee provided sugar, water, mixing tools, and miniature vials to teach them how to DIY a 'Bee-Saver' kit. Bee-saver kits are a simple but highly effective solution that can be fed to exhausted bees needing emergency sustenance, which helps them stay alive and continue pollinating the planet. Students enjoyed having a small refillable and reusable bottle that could be attached as a keychain to bags and carried on the go!

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Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Monday's Bee Awareness event!



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For Monday's Earth Week event, GCAP partnered with social media influencers and activists Megan McSherry and Diandra Marizet to host an educational public panel for UCR students on green topics, including sustainable fashion, environmental racism, and climate justice. In an interview overseen by our current VP Ellen Nguyen, our panelists Megan and Diana shared valuable information, resources, and insight to help students learn new ways to incorporate and prioritize more sustainability into their consumption or lifestyle.

To help student attendees feel more excited and engaged with our Green Panel event, our GCAP committee provided free vegan donuts from Urban Dripp Donuts in downtown Riverside in some of their most popular flavors - including berries n' cream, matcha, and vanilla. We also raffled off a free 9th Gen. iPad to one lucky attendant at random, as part of our effort to show appreciation for all students who attended and learned something new. 

Event FEED 

Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Monday's Green Panel event!



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