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Green Campus Action Plan 

Welcome to the Green Campus Action Plan! We're a committee of undergraduate students committed to sustainability.

I'm so excited to be here! Tell me more about you! 

Our activities include the promotion of, usage, and education of sustainability to the student body. Explore our website to learn more! ❤️

Get to know the Green Campus Action Plan...




The Green Campus Action Plan aims to provide undergraduate students with the resources to pursue sustainability projects on the University of California, Riverside campus. By taking ownership of our impact on the planet and our community, we as students can begin to tackle sustainability issues at a college level and then take those lessons throughout our careers.

The Green Campus Action Plan was born out of a student's desire to take sustainability issues into their own hands. With the support of other students and staff, the GCAP, $2.50 referendum was created and voted on by the student body. GCAP is now on its way to turn 10 years old.

In its 10 years, GCAP has awarded and supported students with over $700k in funding to pursue sustainability work and projects on UCR's campus. However, GCAP's impact does not stop there; with educational and outreach programs, GCAP has been able to educate 10's of thousands of students on their part in keeping UCR, our community, and our planet green.

While GCAP acknowledges that change needs to come from the government and corporations, we also understand our unique position to help our students, the future executives and lawmakers of the world, understand that a change needs to happen. By education, we hope to help ensure our planet's viability.


Harvest Festival

Volunteers at the Fall Harvest Festival. The festival was held at the R'Garden and educated attendees on the R'Garden's work and how others could get involved.

Student at the GCAP Sustainability Fair. The fair exposed students to plant-based food, sustainable skincare products, a solar car, and many other things.


GCAP members showing their enthusiasm for organic foods. This event exposed students to GCAP and shared organic and sustainable food options available to students.

Smoothie Project

Model for the Alternative Transportation educational campaign. This project gifted 10 bikes, and 2 skateboards to students who watched a related video and had their name drawn. 981 students participated.

Alt. Transportation
Botanical Garden

Community member decorating their reusable, canvas tote. This program gives out terracotta pots and reusable tote bags to students and the public at the Botanical Gardens. There is a decoration station to get people of all ages excited.

Battery Recycling

Grantees showing off their battery recycling tower. With a GCAP Green grant, these students were able to design and create an affordable, and durable recycling tower to redirect toxic batteries from going to the trash.

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