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Our Purpose

GCAP is initiating this partnership to incentivize UCR students to live sustainably through their food consumption and lifestyle habits. Throughout this program, our committee hopes to demonstrate how convenient it is to avoid and substitute single-use plastic containers by endorsing students’ efforts to adopt reusable materials.

Reusable Container Program.

In collaboration with the Highlander Union Building (HUB) at UCR, GCAP encourages students to bring their own reusable containers when buying food or drinks at HUB Plaza restaurants. Our initiative aims to raise students' awareness of the environmental impact of single-use plastics on campus and introduce fun and effortless methods of consuming food more sustainably. Starting in Spring 2024, when students bring a clean reusable container/cup to purchase food or drinks at the HUB, they can receive a stamp on a special GCAP Reusable Container Stamp Card! Fully stamped cards can be redeemed at weekly Wednesday GCAP tabling in exchange for a $10 UCR dining gift card

GCAP Loyalty card.png

*Partial stamp card sample pictured above. Do not print or duplicate - invalid copy*

How To Participate.

  1. Stop by Weekly Wednesday GCAP Tabling by the Bell Tower to receive a blank GCAP stamp card.

  2. Visit participating HUB locations to order food or drinks and bring your reusable container or cup.

  3. Ask the employees to use your reusable container or cup for the order.

  4. Notify the cashier you have a GCAP Reusable Container Stamp Card and they will stamp it. *You must present the physical card in order for them to stamp it* 

  5. Once you collect 10 stamps on your card, you can return the completed stamp card to Wednesday GCAP tabling and trade it in for a $10 UCR Dining gift card!

*Stamps used to mark a GCAP Reusable Container Stamp card are unique and cannot be falsified or copied. Invalid stamps on a student's card will not be accepted by GCAP members.*

Participating Restaurants.

Bring your reusable container or cup to any of the following locations to receive a stamp after purchase!:


Panda Express


The Halal Shack


Hibachi San


Coffee Bean

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