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A community does not necessarily have to be local. We are in an age where our community is global and we need to start acting as such. 

Each of us has the obligation to support members of our community through our actions. These actions are an investment to the betterment of your own future and others.

We all have a stake in each others future thus it is crucial that we support ourselves by: Making sure our neighbors are in good health, making face shields for health workers, finding your grandparents a good puzzle to work on, checking in with yourself, and being active!


It is expected that global hunger will double in response to the flux in our food production. (link)

Find a focus. How do you want to be the solution to a plethora of new world problems. Here's how you can start!


Seize the day


Donate to our hardworking health care crew and people in need! One mask, ten face shields? What ever you have, this site will find the best fit for you! 

Check out your local Facebook groups

Its simple! Type in your cities name and then add 'Mutual Aid Network' after. You will find all sorts people and places doing their part during these trying times.

Thank you.

A big thanks to the people who helped me put this together; Esperanza, Linda, Kathy and Jess. It is inspiring to hear about all the amazing work that these strong ladies and their families have been working on. See what they have been doing for their local communities!

Riverside, CA

Jess and her family have been making cloth face masks for our health care workers! Be active on Riversides Mutual Aid Group to find out how you can help.

Playa Del Carmen, MX

Esparanza and her family have been on the forefront of health care PPE for her local community. They have been using Facebook to reach out and they have received a variety of donations to help in their pursuit! Check out some amazing things that they have been doing! 

Playa Del Carmen Local News (español)

Playa TV(español)

Long Beach, MS

Linda and so many others have been been making masks and checking in on her neighbors to ensure good health and happy living. Her sister and a group of tireless workers, early on in the pandemic made hundreds of PPE for their local hospital. She donated to her Armed Forces Retirement Home which is in need of 700 masks for their 'at risk' clientele.


Here are other suggestions for face masks!


 Face Masks. 

This simple tutorial teaches you how to make face masks designed for nurses and doctors! You simply add a pocket for a HEPA filter.  

Where can I find a HEPA filter? 

HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, is a designation used to describe filters that are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns.

You can find HEPA grade filters in your AC unit filters, air purifiers, vacuum filters and so much more! Safely go out to your local O'Reillys or Home Depot and find something that works for you.

You can also use coffee filters or tissue paper for your own personal use. 

What type of cloth should I look for?

It is best to try and find cloth that is non-porous. The more closely woven together the better. Look for material that is called 'Duck' (2 levels softer than canvas). Go to online thrift stores or the discounted section at your local craft store. 

Here is just one of the many ways you can make masks!

Medical disposal paper masks can chaff and agitate health care workers. Cloth is the sustainable solution to getting the help they need!

 Face Shields.

IMG-20200417-WA0004 (1).jpg

Photo Cred: Esperanza donating face shields

What you need.

  • Foam

  • Elastic strips 3/8" or 1/2"

  • Clear plastic sheets

  • Staples or glue gun

We suggest using sheets of acetate, Mylar, PETm poly-carbonate. 

Tools: scissors, precision knife or hole punch

How To.

There are plenty of ways you can accomplish this task this is just one way you can make it. Check out the links below for more!

  1. Cut your foam strip to 11 inches and use your ruler to measure out 1 inch thickness

  2. Take your clear sheet and curve the ends that will be attached to the foam piece

  3. Now line up your plastic sheet and either hot glue, sew or staple the top with the elastic strips 

    1. Usually use 8 inches of elastic ​

  4. Finished! How easy was that!

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