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For Wednesday's Earth Week event, GCAP created a fun interactive scavenger hunt for UCR students to explore different parts of the campus environment and collect checkpoint markers to win their very own succulents! The first few students to complete our scavenger hunt and present us with checkpoint markers received the first pick from a wide range of large monsteras to minuscule succulent pots. 

Our GCAP committee worked hard to provide as many plant prizes as possible for the Succulent Scavenger Hunt event so many students with conflicting schedules could still join in on the fun of the hunt! Student attendees enjoyed being able to see and learn more about our campus while applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ultimately, everyone felt happy to celebrate the beauty of Earth!

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Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Wednesday's Succulent Scavenger Hunt event!


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Two in one! For Wednesday's second Earth Week event, GCAP hosted another educational presentation for UCR students called Learning About Food Apartheid & How It Affects Us In Riverside. Our presentation speaker Arianna Turner, a UCR alumna and food justice advocate, gave an inspiring and insightful presentation on the inequity of food options in Riverside and how the root causes are often based on race, class, and geography. Students learned how food apartheid creates a lack of nutritious and healthy food options in comparison to fast-food restaurants or chains and felt persuaded by our speaker to take community gardening and growing their own produce into consideration.

Our GCAP committee provided catered vegan burgers for the event, and even gave student attendees the option to have one with or without vegan cheese! We also raffled off a free annual pass to National Parks in California and a $75 Target gift card to several lucky attendants, as part of our effort to show appreciation for all students who showed incredible engagement plus respect for our speaker and learned something new. 

Event FEED 

Check out some of our social media photos below to see more of Wednesday's Food Apartheid in Riverside event!



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