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Zero waste is a lifestyle movement that encourages individuals to lower their impact by reusing what they have, consume only what they need, and recycle and compost when absolutely necessary. The goal is to eliminate the need to send products to the landfill. 

What is zero-waste?

Do you need to be 100% Zero-Waste to make an impact?

Absolutely not! Small actions can have a big impact. Using a reusable bottle, adopting meatless Mondays, thrifting clothes and other items are all small ways one can do that helps create a circular economy as opposed to a linear economy

Make an Impact

How do you start being zero-waste

The best way to start is to use up what you already have. The whole point of zero-waste is to use as little resources as possible, so reuse plastic water bottles, grocery store bags, and Ziploc bags if you can. Once they can no longer be used, buy some reusable alternatives. Not only will it save the environment, but it will be financially better in the long run.

How to Be Zero Waste
  • Shop in bulk stores like Winco and Costco

  • Use old mason jars from pasta sauce or other canned items and use it to store food

  • Try to use alternative transportation if possible

  • Always try to buy second-hand when possible 

  • Compost any food leftovers 

  • Turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags

  • Make DIY housecleaning products using stuff you have at home 

  • Buy what you need and try to limit the use of plastic goods.

  • Try buying your items in physical stores as opposed to online when possible

  • Create a garden in your home if possible

  • Use reusable products as opposed to disposables

  • Cook at home as much as possible to avoid take out containers

  • When ordering takeout, ask if they accept reusable containers


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Zero Waste Tips
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