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Check out our Before You Buy page to find recycling resources and brands with sustainable repurposing programs. 


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Visit our shop for recommended sustainable products! Take a look at our new Cosmetics section!


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Product labels can be misleading. Visit our reference page to learn more about what's inside your product.

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Who Are We?

The Sustainability Shop is a cohort underneath the Green Campus Action Plan consisting of students from a variety of backgrounds and majors interested in sustainability. The Sustainability Shop encourages the use of sustainable products and offers cost-cutting choices to effectively replace commonly used items in order to generate a cleaner and sustainable planet. 

 What Do We Do?

The Sustainability Shop researches products that can be alternated to use in place of commonly used brands and items that are not environmentally friendly. We aim to support students in their own research to find sustainable and effective products for their day-to-day lifestyle.

Another branch of The Sustainability Shop is to provide resources for students to be able to understand common brands and labels that abide by sustainable measures in their production process. Take a look at our Before You Buy and Reference Page to learn more! 

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Discount Codes

Home SEction.

Bathroom and Cleaning.

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Bathroom and Cleaning
kitchen and grocery.
Kitchen and Grocery

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Stationary & Electronics.
Stationary and Electronics

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