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The goal of GCAP's Sustainability Fair is to expose students and members of UCR's community to products, activities, and habits that can help them lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


  1. All tabling at the event should have some type of activity or educational purpose. Simply marketing an organization will not warrant a spot at the fair.

  2. All activities and materials should align with GCAP's mission and embrace sustainability at all times.

  3. Organizations are expected to stay during the entire event 11am-3pm (30 min set-up and clean-up included in time).

  4. GCAP should be informed on this form if tables, canopies, etc will be needed by the organization.

  5. Approval notices will begin going out on 4/3/2020.

  6. For any questions, use the chat feature on the website or e-mail

Event details.

  1. The Fair will take place on April 24th from 11am-3pm.

  2. The event will be completely free for the UCR community.

  3. There will be free plant-based food and snacks at the event.

  4. The Fair will be held on Watkins Lawn and will feature live music.


After you submit your form, the Sustainability Fair project manager (Nicandro) will review your submission and inform you if any other information is required. Information regarding materials and set-up will be shared as event approaches.

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