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Alondra Martinez 

Alondra is an Environmental Engineering major and the coordinator for the Green Campus Action Plan's volunteer program. If you have any questions or want to express interest in the program, contact her here

The Green Campus Action Plan's volunteer program was created with the intent to have undergraduates on campus at the University of California, Riverside to pursue projects that will help sustain and bring sustainability efforts on campus. 

We encourage all students to join our programs to learn more about how YOU can leave a lasting effort on campus and the Imperial Valley. 

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volunteer expectations 

* Our current Volunteer Program is remote until future notice of on-campus instruction 

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Past Volunteer Projects.

Wild Nature

GCAP's Sustainability Fair - Plant Power Vegan Fast Food

Build your own Sustainability Kits

Battery Recycling Towers

UCR Transportation Alternatives Giveaway

Volunteers are unpaid, so they can work as much/little as they would like. 

Volunteers meet with the volunteer coordinator bi-weekly for an hour.

Every week, volunteers should try to do further research so they can come with their projects a little more developed/have questions to ask during the bi-weekly meeting.

Volunteers can choose to do a project independently or with a group, it is up to them.

Volunteers will be given an introduction to GCAP and the green grant process and will then meet 1-on-1 with Alondra to start brainstorming their project.

Volunteer Expectations.

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