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Air pollution is a rapidly growing issue in the modern era. This project aims to research air pollution, educate students on past legislation enacted to counter air pollution, and inform students on the impact of air pollution on mental and physical health. 


The Inequalities of Air Pollution in the black community.

  • Black communities are more likely to live in communities next to highways and other sources of air pollution due to the unjust actions of segregation

  • Black communities are more likely to be subject to the diseases and mental illnesses caused by air pollution 

  • Politicians often purposely place toxic power plants and other polluting facilities near communities of people of color 

Not all people, including students at the University of California, come from the same socioeconomic areas. The Green Campus Action Plan at the University of California, Riverside, is committed to addressing the lives of ALL students and supporting them through equality and social mobility.

Love Yourself

Mental health is the emotions, behaviors, and stress levels placed on the brain.

What are mental and physical health?

Ping Pong Table

Physical health is the overall appearance and structural health of the body.