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The goal of the GCAP Green Internship is to provide competitive internships to undergraduate students that are intersted in tackling sustainability issues on campus.


  1. Projects and events must work to benefit UCR's students, faculty, campus, or organizations.

  2. Projects must promote environmental sustainability in topics including, but not limited to: Environmental Awareness/Education, Food Insecurity, Sustainable Farming/Gardening, Green Design/Infrastructure, Urban Development, Recycling, Renewable/Alternative Energy, and Transportation

  3. Projects must fall within the GCAP definition of sustainability by reducing the planet's overall environmental impact. (i.e. new recycling programs, purchasing LED lights, energy conservation awareness campaigns, etc.)

  4. Projects must have a clearly-defined, and measurable outcome.

  5. Applicant must be an undergraduate student.

  6. In the case of infrastructural improvements, staff oversight is required.

  7. GCAP funding will not support sustainability projects already mandated by law or UCR policy since UCR is already obligated to allocate funds for such projects.

  8. Supervisor will be determined by GCAP team.

  9. Internship duration will be determined by GCAP team and will be communicated to accepted applicant.


The earlier you submit your application; the faster you will receive your response. Applications will be accepted until 4/3/2020 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Post Grant.

GCAP logo must be used and/or displayed in project execution (i.e GCAP logo on t-shirts)

All item listings are subject to review by the GCAP Committee.

After conclusion of project, a follow up presentation must be made to the GCAP committee.

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