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ready to eat?

The Green Campus Plan has formed a database of on and off-campus sustainable food options for students to utilize during their stay at UC Riverside. 


Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and we are always open to adding more resources the student body is informed on to this page.


Please use the Contact Us form on this page if there are any resources you would like to see.


On-Campus Resources

UCR offers a diaspora of resources for students experiencing food hunger or simply looking to add more sustainable meals to their diet. 

Take a look at these resources to learn more about how you can benefit from these programs. 

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Home-grown goods grown locally on UCR's campus!  The R'Garden often has free giveaways for students to receive free food. 

Looking for free food? The R'Pantry has got your back! Visit the R'Pantry to pick up some free goods for your kitchen, funded by UCR!

The UCR Dining Hall uses sustainable reusable boxes to reduce waste from single-use plastic containers.

Off-Campus Resources

The city of Riverside and the surrounding Imperial Valley face the challenge of food security for many of its people. Thus, the community has begun to fund many initiatives supporting students and members of the community to have meals on their plates. Take a look at some of the resources we have collected. 

Street Food

The Conorna Farmer's Market is a unity of farmers and small businesses from throughout the Imperial Valley. The market harbors many vendors bringing fresh and nutritious ingredients perfect for your dinner table. 

Vegan Depot in Corona, California, is a weekly meeting of vegan businesses in the Imperial Valley and the surrounding LA areas. Go to the depot if you're looking to try some tasty snacks or discuss with other plant-based individuals about their lifestyles!

The Riverside Farmer's Market is a perfect local spot for staff and students alike looking for some local representation on their plates! Farmers, businesses, and local vendors all collect once a week in this significant community event. 

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